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Hereditary Cancer Risk Screening

Hartsdale Imaging Introduces Area’s Only Hereditary Cancer Risk Screening for Mammography Patients

Why one person develops cancer and another doesn’t isn’t always known. But research has shown that certain risk factors may increase a person’s chances for developing cancer. Some of the risk factors can be controlled, like exposure to certain chemicals or behaviors such as tobacco use. Other factors are beyond our control, like our age, our personal history and our family history.

Knowing your personal and family history of cancer is the first step in determining if you might be at increased risk for cancer. That is why Hartsdale Imaging is providing enhanced screening to all mammography patients to determine hereditary risk factors for certain cancers.

The hereditary risk screening program is designed to help individuals (with a strong personal or family history of cancer) and health care professionals evaluate risk, make more informed decisions and take a personalized, proactive approach to care based on the results of genetic testing.

Initially, female patients will be introduced to the program at the time of their mammogram. The standard questionnaire has been revised to collect the necessary information needed to discuss cancer risk and determine if there are any red flags in the personal or family health history. Patients who indicate risk for hereditary cancer will have the opportunity to speak with a genetic counselor (free of charge) via phone, ask questions and be provided with information about their hereditary risk and potential options for management and prevention and receive information about insurance coverage. Hartsdale Imaging has added Myriad Genetic Laboratories to our patient centered team to provide the diagnostic testing.

Patients participating in the program will be screened for 28 genetic mutations that impact hereditary risk for eight cancers including breast, ovarian, gastric, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma, prostate and endometrial. The patient’s genetic results will be available to patients and providers 4-6 weeks after screening. Patients with abnormal findings will speak and/or meet with Dr. Maria Schmidt to discuss findings and recommendations, and receive counsel and management plans. Patients in need of referrals to specialists or additional resources will benefit from the guidance and support provided by their entire healthcare team to navigate the network of comprehensive services and programs available to them.

myriad_patient_education-eng from Myriad Genetics on Vimeo.

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